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Home Appliance Service



 Won't cool off? Broken ice maker? No water?  These are the most common  issues in refrigerators. We can help you get your refrigerator back up  and cooling so you can get back to what's important, feeding your  family!  


 Are your dishes not clean? Tired of seeing spots on your glassware? Wont  drain the water? You're not alone as these are the complaints  most  dishwashers have. Give us a call and we will make those issues go away! 


 Clothes not getting dry? Taking too long to finish the cycle? Dryer not  getting hot? Why wear wet clothes or give more money to the power  company than you have to. Just give us a call and we will fix them all  and more! 


 Washer wont spin? Clothes soaking wet? Pump wont drain the water?  These  are the most common problems associated with washing machines. Our  professional technicians can handle these problems and more! 


 Microwave not heating? Unit has no power? Light not working? Quickly go  from dinner will be ready, to lets eat out! Save your money and call us  now! With our expert technicians you will be cooking dinner for your  family today! .


 Oven not heating?  Control not working? Burners not lighting? Stomach  growling! We can solve all those problems for you, just give us a call  and our friendly technicians will have your oven working like a new one!   


 Food thawing out? Excessive frost build up? Door not sealing? Ice cream  soft? These problems and more are commonly associated with freezers.  Call now to have our certified technicians fix your freezer problem now! 

Wall Oven

 Wall oven not heating? Food taking too long to cook? Control not  working? These problems can be most annoying when you have hungry people  to feed. Don't fret just call for our certified technical service  today!  

Garbage Disposal

 Disposal not working? Does it hum when you turn it on? Garbage disposal  leaking? No problem for us, we have the technology, we can fix your  problem! Our technicians are garbage disposal repair or replacement  certified! 


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